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The Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce (SHRCCI) seeks a consultant who will assist our Board of Directors, staff, and key stakeholders in creating a strategic framework for the future so that our organization is prepared for growth to support the business community in Macomb County as we emerge from the pandemic.

At our January 2021 board meeting, the board and our President & CEO made a commitment to undertake a strategic process that will actively engage our organization in thinking about the future and planning for the sustainable delivery of programs and services our membership expects. Our leadership felt strongly that we need to conduct a planning process that will enable us to better reflect and align our work based on the changing landscape of our community and needs of our membership.

Therefore, the purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from consultants experienced in strategic thinking and planning. The Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce seeks a consultant to provide the following services:

1. Work with the Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Team, comprised of board members, staff and key stakeholders, to articulate a clear strategic framework as a part of a strategic plan for the Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce 2022-2025.

2. Conduct and report on findings of research that may include:
a. Small scope internal and external surveys to evaluate SHRCCI against similar membership organizations;
b. Interviews and/or focus groups of a cross-section of current and former members;
c. Trend and landscape scans as well as future forecasting for philanthropic organizations; and

3. Assist in evaluating the organization’s written mission, vision and value statements.

4. Establish a framework and process for the organization to operationalize the strategic direction and plan and assist, as needed, in creating a resulting plan.

5. Facilitate strategic planning meetings and provide leadership, direction, expert consultation, and advice related to the strategic planning process.

6. Deliver a clear, easily-operationalized, measurable, strategic planning road map.


The Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1961 and is one of the largest Chambers in Michigan. The Chamber strives to meet the ever-changing needs of our membership, especially in today’s climate.

Our membership is made up of over 1100 small and large businesses throughout all of Macomb County. The Chamber provides networking events, unique marketing opportunities and programming to help businesses grow.

Scope of Project

The consultant should listen and articulate in writing the mutual expectations of not only the Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Team, but also those of the Board of Directors, staff and other key stakeholders and will:
• Guide the creation and implementation of a long-term organizational strategic framework and plan;
• Monitor and report the progress of the strategic framework; and
• Fully integrate the Sterling Heights Chamber of Commerce staff, board, ambassadors and members into a culture of collaboration, focused on a shared vision through the strategic planning process; and
• Deliver an agreed-upon end product that reflects our expectations and an understanding of operationalization and implementation.


The selected applicant will present the final product to the Board of Directors at the October 26, 2021 meeting.

Instructions to Applicants All proposals must be submitted to the Sterling Heights Chamber of Commerce by March 5, 2021.

Submit to:

Stacy Ziarko
President & CEO
Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce
586-731-5400 x. 22

Required materials

Provide the official name, address, phone number and email address of the applicant (organization or individual) as well as the name of the principal contact person and the name and title of the person authorized to execute the contract.

Bios/resumes of key personnel fulfilling the contract, if awarded, including key qualifications and previous similar work experience.

A description of the applicant’s approach to strategic planning consultation, including methodology, perspective or philosophy that guides your work. Provide a comprehensive work plan, including a timeline and a budget for completing the project.

Proposals must be signed by an authorized individual(s) of the applicant organization and include the name, title, address, telephone number and email address of the individual(s) with authority to negotiate and contractually bind the individual/organization.

All proposals received will be considered in final format.

Review of Proposals

The review team will consist of members of the SHRCCI Executive Committee and President & CEO, Stacy Ziarko.

We expect to make a final decision on this matter no later than March 12, 2021 with notification to applicants occurring soon thereafter.

We will review proposals in accordance with the following weighted criteria:
• The proposed approach to the scope of work
• The level of experience of the individual(s) identified to fulfill the project
• The individual’s/organization’s experience with similar projects
• The total proposed cost

Conflict of Interest

Applicants agree that they or their employees do not currently have, nor will they have, any conflict of interest between themselves and SHRCCI. Any perceived or potential conflict of interest must be disclosed in the proposal.

Contractual Agreement

SHRCCI will issue a contract/letter of agreement with the selected applicant, in which the manner and time of payment will be addressed