Coffee & Commerce BRAG™

Meets Thursdays at 8:00 am

Coffee & Commerce Leadership Team:

Chair: Vicki Wright, Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Co-Chair: Mark Bassett, Bassett Family Chiropractic

Guest Host: Steve Kobylecki, Mortgage 1, inc.

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The Coffee & Commerce BRAG™ is a collective group of proud professionals and business owners who strive to build business relationships through socioeconomic networking at its finest.

The Coffee & Commerce BRAG™ has developed a unique expertise in promoting their group through cooperative efforts of each member of the group.  Their belief is that through the continuing promotion and growth of their group, more, stronger and longer lasting business alliances will be formed creating more opportunities to help grow each member’s business. They have created a friendly environment that proves to be conducive to creating strong personal and business relationships.  The stronger the relationships – the more business referrals will be made.

Meetings begin at 8 a.m. and last approximately one hour.  The group welcomes guests to visit and experience their unique camaraderie of members dedicated to building business alliances with the ultimate goal of increasing their bottom lines.