An investment in the Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce is an efficient, cost effective way for every business to increase their local visibility, enhance marketing dynamics and develop business relationships that result in new opportunities and sales.

10. Business Presence. Out of sight, out of mind! You want to remain in the public’s eye, especially when things are good, but even more in times when you need help the most. Smart businesses leverage their resources through the Chamber, giving them cutting-edge visibility by standing out from the competition. Members are added to the Chamber online directory on the website and included in the print edition of the directory that is included in The Net Magazine

9. Networking & Sharing. There are endless opportunities to meet new contacts, receive qualified referrals and form relationships that will help grow your business. The Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce provides niche programming for your business to make these connections such as After 5’s, Breakfast & Business, Virtual networking opportunities, and our trademarked BRAG™ program. To learn more about our Business Resource Alliance Groups, click here. 

8. Access. When you join the Chamber and get actively involved, you’ll discover that meeting prospects and building relationships is a huge benefit of membership. You’ll find yourself in situations where you can identify and meet decision-makers face-to-face. Not sure how to get more involved, ask us how

7. Sponsorships & Promotional Opportunities. The Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce offers a wide variety of affordable promotion options and sponsorship packages that fit every business budget. Being a sponsor provides you with even more exposure, through social media shout outs, eblasts, and more! To become a Chamber sponsor, please reach out to Stacy Ziarko, sziarko@shrcci.com

6. Save Money. There are several cost savings programs and member benefits your business can take advantage of. Click here to view our partner programs, and here to view member-to-member/public coupons. 

5. Training & Personal Development. The Sterling Heights Regional Chamber provides educational opportunities to the members through virtual online webinars, in-person programming, and partnerships with trade associations. 

4. Advocacy. Your business is impacted by decisions made outside the community.  The Chamber does its best to represent the business community’s views and to keep the membership informed on local, state and national issues and legislation.

3. Sense of Community. Stay connected and be a part of developing our local economy and future by participating in a variety of Chamber Community programs like Patios’ n Pints, Sterlingfest, State of the County, and so many more! A strong business community means a strong overall community. 

2. Relationships. People do not do business with a sign on the outside of a building; they do business with real people. When they need something for business or personal use, they turn to the people they developed a personal relationship with. For instance, people are 36% more likely to purchase insurance from a member of the chamber. 

1. Get Noticed! Let people know you’re in business even if you don’t have time to attend events. Your Chamber membership is working for you 24/7 in our powerful online directory. Members can experience the benefits of getting found 24/7, increase SEO, connect social media sites and receive thousands of referrals! 

To learn more about membership, please contact our Director of Business Development, Susan Burtka, sburtka@shrcci.com