Success Squad BRAG™

Meets Thursdays at 8:00 am

Success Squad Leadership Team:

Chair: Kevin Ott Edward Jones
(586) 463-3080

Co-Chair: Mike Blair, Weatherseal Home Improvement Co., Inc.

Guest Host: Don Combs, Big Dons Baloons.


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The Success Squad BRAG™ meetings are held every Thursday morning, starting promptly at 8 a.m.  This group of professionals come together regularly to support and encourage one another and pass solid referrals.  Building relationships through one-on-one’s and group meetings, they find stronger leads through the quality of referrals. They also encourage members to attend an occasional social event to further build that relationship and trust outside of a business environment. They promote interaction with other BRAG™ groups through selective visitations. This group has room for growth and invites you to visit to see how they build business for each other.