The 9am Networkers BRAG™

Meets Tuesdays at 9:00 am

The 9am Network Leadership Team:

Chair: Clint St. MoselyState Farm
(910) 540-9090

Co-Chair: Sharon Bloedel, Health Benefits of Michigan
(586) 484-8946

Guest Host: CC Maciejewski, Simple Home Lending
(586) 601-2540

The 9am Networkers BRAG™ group utilizes the benefit of BRAG™ to help enhance their business.  Their businesses range from professional to personal services. These professionals pride themselves on establishing relationships that help each other’s businesses in more ways than just potential sales leads, they focus on developing relationships.  This dynamic group’s many strengths include industry professionals willing to educate in their area of expertise to help the businesses within the group maximize their potential and is very aggressive in working to get a clear understanding of how to help each other succeed in the BRAG™ program.

This group is building and is collectively looking to add to their membership in a variety of business categories. To arrange a no commitment visit is as simple as contacting one of the leaders.