Tuesday Traveling BRAG™

Tuesday Traveling Leadership Team:

Chair: Lynn Karnes, Woman’s Life Chapter 911 


Co-Chair:  Becky Livernois, EXP Realty

Guest Host: Rachel Johnson, Slifko & Associates 

The Tuesday Traveling BRAG™ group is a group of business people who utilize the benefit of BRAG™ to help enhance their business. The Tuesday Traveling BRAG™ consists of a wide variety of business professionals, and the businesses range from skilled trade, to many personal services, up to and including financial professionals, realtors, mortgage brokers, and many, many more.

These professionals pride themselves on their style of relationship marketing.  This dynamic group has many strengths including the “one-on-one” meetings they are involved in; they’re very aggressive in working to get a clear understanding of how to help each other succeed in the BRAG™ program.

The key to the relationship marketing that takes place in BRAG™ goes beyond building professional relationships; they also develop close friendships that add to the benefits of being a member.  The Tuesday Traveling BRAG™ group holds their meetings on Tuesday mornings at 11 a.m.  To visit this group, it’s as simple as contacting one of the leaders listed below by phone or email.