This year has been like nothing any of us have ever seen.

A pandemic has created uncertainty about many things but one thing that remains certain is your ability to vote safely.

Michigan has run two successful elections during the COVID-19 pandemic and will do it again for the presidential election on November 3rd. You can vote from home with an absent voter ballot. Just go to Michigan.gov/Vote to request one.

Then, it is recommended that your return your ballot as soon as you can to a drop box if your city or township clerk has one, or to the clerk’s office. If that’s not possible, put it in the mail but do so well in advance of the election – no later than two weeks beforehand.

If you’d like to vote in person instead, you can do that safely too—in your clerk’s office from September 24th to November 2th. Or you can vote at the polls on Election Day.

Every polling location in Michigan will have social distancing and safety protocols in place.

The Secretary of State’s team will provide all jurisdictions with personal protective equipment and hygiene supplies to ensure all polling places are sanitized. And all voters are strongly encouraged to wear a mask when voting.

So make a plan to vote. You can safely do it in whatever way you prefer and be confident that your vote will be counted.